How Can Water Leaks Damage Your Home And Impair Your Health?

How Can Water Leaks Damage Your Home And Impair Your Health?


Do you have water leaking from different pipes in your home? Water leakage is a significant problem which needs to be addressed at the earliest because if left unattended, it could pose serious problems.
The effects of water damage on your home as well as health could be very far-reaching, and it may have massive damage. Let us see what are the possible ways, it can impact your home adversely.


Mold growth owing to water leakage


Whenever there is unattended water leakage happening at your home, it is likely to lead to mold and fungi growth.
When the leaked water stays on the surface for an extended period, it will lead to a dampening of the place, and hence it can trigger widespread mold contamination. Further, water leakage can soak into any of the porous binding material, and this, in turn, leads to the massive growth of mold at several places.
The presence of molds could necessitate a great deal of repair cost as they tend to cripple the overall structure of the infested place. They may render the wood unusable and can lead to even cracks as well. Further, it also leads to a terrible smell sometimes, which would require thorough cleaning of the place. Staining is also very common as you can find the infected area will develop a different kind of color or the colored area might start to discolor too. Yellowish stains are also prevalent.
Based on the severity of mold contamination, the damage could be very deep which might require uprooting of the soil and the surface and getting it treated. When there is dampening, it only takes 24 to 48 hours for the mold to start developing.
So, you can clearly understand as to how untreated water leaks possess a massive threat to your home. If you are looking to get your property evaluated, having molds and water leakage could significantly reduce the net worth.
There are companies like Krystal Care who work round the clock to offer mold removal services which in turn can aid in remedying the problem right away.


The health factor


Along with damaging the home and lowering the net worth of your place, water leakage and molds could also have a significant health impact too. Let us see how you could be risking your health by not attending water leakage issues.
The molds tend to produce spores which in turn are known to pollute the air. These tiny little spores could be fatal for your long-term health as they can infiltrate the air you breathe and thereby have repercussions on the working of your body.
When molds come in contact with water, their growth can multiply drastically, and this would infer several problems. Some people suffered difficulty in breathing, coughing, and even had sneezing fits owing to the presence of molds.
Further, if you have dust allergy or you are suffering from troubles like asthma, the situation could be catastrophic, and it can even lead to health complications. For those households with little kids, the babies are at a massive risk of developing asthma owing to inhaling of irritable air prone to pollution.
Further, the pungent smell, which is often associated with mold and fungi growth also impairs the quality of life you are living. People tend to stay irritable and experience discomfort while staying at such homes, which impacts the mood and brings in behavioral changes as well.


Other impacts of unattended water leakage


There are several other repercussions when you leave water leaks unattended.


Sagging walls


If the leakage is happening in the roof area, it could lead to possible trouble with the walls. The presence of stagnant leaked water could weaken the ceiling and the wall, and over some time, it could also lead to sagging.


Weakening the structure


When the water leaks happen at hidden places, it might end up weakening the overall structure of your home as the mold and fungi may continue to develop inside. They tend to corrode the insides and will end up impairing the foundation of your home.
So, you must take the right steps immediately and curb the problem right when it begins. At Krystal Care, you will be able to get the finest water leakage repair services which will ensure that they will diagnose the root cause of the problem and remedy it.
Remedying the problem right when it occurs is the best way to curtail the expenses and also protect the molds from spreading massively.



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