Difference Between Roof Tarps and Roof Shrink Wraps

Difference Between Roof Tarps and Roof Shrink Wraps

If you are looking for temporary roofing ideas , you must have heard of roof tarps  and roof shrink wraps .

There are a number of factors that you must consider while choosing a suitable tarp for your roof. These include tarp’s purpose, the type of environment you live in, and whether the tarp will be able to cope up with the external influences?

Usually, making a choice between roof tarps vs. roof shrink wraps becomes challenging for many. Before you make a choice, here we have explained what they are, what purpose they serve, and which one of them will be most suitable for your needs.

So, let’s get to know shrink wrapping versus roof  taping in detail; Roof Tarps

Among all the materials used for fixing roof issues, roof tarp is one of the most diverse and versatile products. Picking the right tarp for the project ensures that the roof will remain undamaged by wind, sun, or mold.

Here is what roof tarps offer:

Water Damage Prevention

A simple and effective way to deal with your current roofing problem is a tarp. The most obvious benefit of using a tarp is further preventing water damage. If you have placed the roof tarp, you don’t need to worry about the water soaking into the roof’s attic or deterioration.

Different Weight For Different Purposes

It is believed that all tarps don’t carry much weight and are relatively light. This is not always the case. Some tarps are designed specifically heavier than others. Tarps with more weights are suitable for the roofs that are in the areas with faster wind gusts and frequent storms.

It’s not like light-weight tarps are less effective than heavy-duty tarps. Lighter tarps are suitable and work in the long-run if the damage done to the roof is a one-off.


If the water touches the grommets sewn into the tarp, it puts the wooden structure at massive risk. The grommets must be rust-resistant; otherwise, it will cost you additional roof repair shortly. Installing rust-resistant grommet roof tarps works double-time to keep the roof safe as much as possible.

Roof Shrink Wraps

A shrink wrap roof  consists of a plastic membrane large in size, which tightly shrinks to the contours of the roof using heat. The seams are also heat-welded to make seal water-tight. They are the best alternative to roof tarps .

It is a temporary roof wrapping  for renovation and construction. Moreover, it is used to protect the roof against extreme weather conditions by providing an extra layer of protection. As compared to traditional tin roofing, its mounting service is 40% quicker.

Tightly Sealed

The prime benefit of roof shrink wrapping  is the tight seal. Unlike roof tarping, it does not leave the gaps to let the dirt, water, and pests in. Also, it shrinks when it is exposed to heat and makes a tight seal.

Weather Resistant

Other than damage prevention, shrink wraps  offer incredible extreme weather and water resistance. They provide robust protection, thus, prevent costly water damage restoration and your expensive belongings as well.

Weight and Appearance

Even for old, custom-ordered, and oddly-shaped roofs, shrink wraps provide uniform coverage. They create a pleasing look aesthetically and offer a more well-formed and seamless structure cover. Moreover, they are lighter in weight around 0.3 kg/m2.


Roof Tarp Or Roof Shrink Wrap?

Although it depends on the roof problem, budget, and environment factors while choosing between the two, each has some pros and cons.

For example, the roof tarps protect from water leaks, but nails and furring strips are attached in roof tarps to hold them down. These create more holes in the roof. Besides, seams can be messy, and under the UV sun rays, tarps degrade quickly.

On the other hand, shrink roof tarp is preferred for both short and long-term solutions. Roof shrink wrap is resistant to UV rays. They are waterproof and protect efficiently against subsequent strong winds and pooling.

Contact Krystal Care For High-Quality Roof Tarps & Roof Shrink Wraps

Have you recently noticed any roof issues such as missing shingles creating spots or damage due to external elements, and you want to cover them up with the right tarp or wrap? You have figured out which one of these products you need for your roof issue or not, contact us and we will advise the best temporary roofing solution  depending on your need.

Shrink wrap vs. Blue tarps ; you can buy any of these two products in high-quality from Krystal Care. We are here to listen to our customer’s queries.

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