Black Mold: What You Should Know

Black Mold: What You Should Know

While many homeowners will put much focus on eradicating pests like snakes, bees, mosquito, houseflies, and cockroaches, they should also worry about getting rid of black mold. There are different types of molds that could grow in your home, but if you spot a black mold, it should raise an alarm!  Of course, you should also eradicate other harmful types of molds growing in your home as well.


Exposure to black mold comes with tons of health as well as respiratory problems such as skin irritation, chronic, fatigue, Nausea, vomiting, persistent headaches, etc. Aside from that, black mold growing in your home portrays a bad unhygienic picture and it could lead to property damage.



Five Facts about Black Mold. 



Even though there are no researches that prove that black mold could lead to serious problems such as lung infections and cancer, people react differently when exposed to black mold as the mycotoxins released from it has a link to serious health conditions such as changes in mood, nose bleeding, memory loss, and more.  Here are the five facts about black molds you should know.



  • Do you know that black mold is a neurotoxin? This is not something good. Once the spores from black mold are airborne, they will attach to your brain neurons affecting your mental health ability. It could trigger, mood swings, tremors, as well as neurological shifts.
  • The molds could grow on dark, humid as well as warm location. Bathrooms, as well as other unused rooms, are excellent spots for black mold growth.
  • Black mold could also cause an effect on your immune system. Breathing in the spores from black mold could cause you to be ill from germs.
  • Eradicating black mold entails removing the conditions that favor their growth. These include moisture and warmth.
  • Black mold could grow anywhere and not just in the walls. Provided a substance has the condition necessary for their growth, they will sprout.

Identifying black mold in your home will not be a daunting task. Of course, the black color is so conspicuous and you can easily spot it once the black color pops up. You will, therefore, have to do a home inspection in all areas of your room. Nevertheless, it is vital to note that black molds have the tendency to grow inaccessible areas that are not easy to spot or treat.


How To Prevent Black Mold Growth. 



  • Make sure all possible moist areas in your room are kept dry. You can use dehumidifiers in-room basement areas, ceiling in fans as well as bathrooms that will keep the moist warm.
  • Do not bring in wooden objects as well as other materials inside your house that will be a breeding spot for black molds.
  • Mold removal sprays will prevent black molds from spreading into other areas.
  • Eradicate mold-contaminated items. These range from carpets, clothes, papers, books, and more. For the once you cannot get rid of, dehumidifier them.
  • Hire a professional mold remover to eradicate molds in hard to reach places and to come up with a contamination plan.
  • Do not install carpets in areas with frequent moisture problems.
  • You could insulate pipes to reduce condensation in them. Pipes are hot spots for black mold growth due to their ever-condensed state.
  • Repair water leakages to prevent mold from resurfacing once the leak starts.
  • Isolation of contaminated areas awaiting treatment will prevent mold growth and exposure.
  • DIY home removal for black mold inconspicuous and easy to access areas.



 Mold Remediation: What is it? 




Mold remediation entails learning how to remove black or any other type of toxic mold in your home. Homeowners could use this method to get rid of mold before they spread to other places bringing health harm and damage to your property.



Mold removal can be a simple process, but before you start, it is necessary to wear some form of protection especially when eradicating black mold. Make it a point to wear a mask, put on clothes that you could get rid of after the process washing them to eradicate mold that could have stuck on the clothes.  Moreover, as the spores could spread in the room, it will be vital to have your doors, windows, and other ventilation open while cleaning.



You also need to get the right products for cleaning the black mold. Bleaching will only eradicate the black color changing it to white. Nonetheless, there is a huge possibility that molds could resurface at the place after some time if there are still conditions that favor their growth. Liaise with your local pest store for the right cleaning product.



There are greater chances you could make tons of mistakes during the Mold Remediation that is why sometimes it is excellent to let the professionals do their job. Moreover, black molds have the tendency to grow inaccessible areas noticeable once the black colors shows up.



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